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Ms. Deborah Jane Bucci
(864) 242-1141
828 Crescent Ave
Greenville, SC
Nicki Creech
(864) 420-5137
110 Meyers Drive
Greenville, SC
Mr. Myles Roger Golden
864.527.0425, 864.527.0425 (1)
33 Market Point Dr
Greenville, SC
Dr. Joanne Armstrong
(864) 649-6106
Advisors to Businesses and ProfessionalsRoper Mountain Road Ext.
Greenville, SC
Anxiety or Fears, Family Business, Career Change, Relationship Issues, Elderly Persons Disorders
School: University of Louisville
Year of Graduation: 1987
Years In Practice: 20+ Years
Patient Info
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: All
Age: Children (6 to 10),Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults,Elders (65+)
Average Cost
$60 - $150
Payment Methods
Sliding Scale: No
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepted Insurance Plans: Medcost

Tonja Evetts WeimerACC
(864) 294-9494
414 Foot Hills Rd
Greenville, SC
Crystal Ervin
(864) 502-4194
109 Asteria St
Greenville, SC
Mr. Gene Mills Gallivan, MSPCC
864.421.0372, 864.421.0372
Leadership Center East 850-C Wade Hampton Boulevard Suite 1-A
Greenville, SC
Dr. Thomas Eric Thorsheim, Psychologist
864.421.0098, 864.421.0098
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Bernell King Ingram, Coach U Core Essentials Graduate
(864) 346-2845
Post Office Box 14201
Greenville, SC
Mr. Robert L Kunkle, Jr.
(864) 420-0508
104 Bedfordton Ct
Simpsonville, SC

How to Succeed as a Freelance Pilates Instructor

Elaine Ewing , now a Pilates studio owner, recalls the steps she took to establish herself as a freelance Pilates instructor in a new town.

Pilates instructor Elaine EwingWhen my husband and I moved from New York City to a small town about two hours north, I didn’t have a plan for the next phase of my career as a Pilates instructor.  I had been working around the city in a few busy Pilates studios, and all I had ever experienced was a very full teaching schedule.  Since I decided to became a Pilates instructor in part because it was a career I could take with me anywhere in the world, I figured everything would somehow just work out fine.

Everything did end up working out fine, eventually. It took two years of hard work, careful scheduling and networking to get to the point where I am now—happy and financially secure. I’m proud to say that my time as a freelance Pilates instructor really paid off. In August 2007 I was asked to buy a busy and popular Pilates studio, Rhinebeck Pilates , near my home. I credit the years I spent freelancing—juggling clients and locations, problem solving, implementing grassroots marketing campaigns—with bringing me to a place in life where I am able to run a full-blown Pilates studio on my own with confidence and success. But first things first: Here are 10 ways I created business for myself as a freelance Pilates instructor.

1. I had quality business cards printed.
I knew I had to get nice business cards or no one would be intrigued to take my Pilates classes or hire me. I had cards printed, front and back, with raised type and beautiful colors. The cards listed my name, website, phone number and a brief description of what I specialized in (at the time it was “Private and group Pilates classes in your home or office”). I handed them out, posted them around and left them everywhere I could.

2. I hired a photographer.
I hired a professional photographer to take photos of me doing and teaching Pilates. The photos were for my website, and as I began to teach in various locations, I knew they would ask for photos as well. We chose a beautiful location and I brought along a few changes of clothes, all brightly colored. I also brought as many Pilates props as I could—a Magic Circle, a resistance band , weights, balls and a foam roller—to keep the photos interesting and dynamic. My husband and sister were nice enough to pose as clients in the photos.

3. I created my own website.
Looking back, this was the most important thing I did. I was in a new territory where nobody knew me and few people had ever done or heard of Pilates. In order to sell myself and the method, I needed an easy way to communicate with as many people as possible. I found a web designer who wanted to trade Pilates for her design work, which helped offset the cost.

In a few months, my site was up. This was a place where I could post my bio, Pilates history, new classes I was teaching an...

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