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Master Chong's Tae Kwon Do
(716) 688-6868
5921 Transit Road
East Amherst, NY
Gym Of PMM Inc
(716) 688-8870
5373 Transit Rd
Buffalo, NY
It Healthtrack
(716) 630-0063
6500 Main St Ste 3
Buffalo, NY
Greater Buffalo Gymnastics Center
(716) 639-0020
1641 N French Rd
Getzville, NY
Health Enhancement Systems
(716) 626-9642
5550 Main St
Buffalo, NY
Flex Fitness of Wny
(716) 204-1183
1422 Millersport Highway
Buffalo, NY
A Quality Life
(716) 631-2899
5264 Main St
Buffalo, NY
Curves Amherst-South/Williamsville NY
5759 Main Street
Williamsville, NY
Programs & Services
Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Cardio Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Group Exercise Studio, Gym Classes, Gym Equipment, Gym Sports, Silver Sneakers, Zumba

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Master Chongs World Class Tae Kwon DO Centers
(716) 688-6868
8224 Transit Rd
Buffalo, NY
Professional Fitness
(716) 632-1948
5435 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, NY
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Continuing Ed: Gyrotonic

The graceful Gyrotonic exercises are often compared to yoga and tai chi. Image courtesy of Kinespirit . By Nicole Rogers

For Pilates instructors looking to branch out into another movement method—or add variety to their studio offerings—the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has become a popular choice. If you have yet to try it or are curious about learning more, read on.

Gyrotonic is a method of movement and an exercise system developed starting in the 1980s by Juliu Horvath. As with so many types of movement work, Gyrotonic was invented as a way to heal its founder’s own injuries. As a dancer, Horvath herniated three discs and suffered knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. He tried to rehab himself using Hatha yoga, which he felt injured him further. It was at this point that Horvath invented Gyrotonic intuitively by following what he refers to as “internal movement.” His pain diminished, and he lives a healthy, relatively pain-free life today.


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