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Roge Valley Family YMCA
(541) 772-6295
522 W 6th St
Medford, OR
Anytime Fitness Medford, OR
3564 Lone Pine Road
Medford, OR
Programs & Services
24-hr Operations, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Parking, Personal Training, Spinning, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Waterford Health and Fitness Club
(541) 773-7718
760 Spring St
Medford, OR
Waterford Health & Fitness Center
(541) 770-4491
760 Spring St
Medford, OR
Golds Gym Medford
(541) 779-0585
3581 Lear Way
Medford, OR
Iron Dragon Martial Arts
(541) 773-8564
820 S Central Ave
Medford, OR
Baxter Fitness Solutions
(541) 776-9813
2951 Doctors Park Drive
Medford, OR
Medford American Little League
(541) 773-2380
965 E Barnett Rd
Medford, OR
Curves For Women
(541) 512-0000
4149 S Pacific Hwy
Medford, OR
24 Hour Fitness
(541) 773-2454
567 Medford Ctr
Medford, OR
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Continuing Ed: Gyrotonic

The graceful Gyrotonic exercises are often compared to yoga and tai chi. Image courtesy of Kinespirit . By Nicole Rogers

For Pilates instructors looking to branch out into another movement method—or add variety to their studio offerings—the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has become a popular choice. If you have yet to try it or are curious about learning more, read on.

Gyrotonic is a method of movement and an exercise system developed starting in the 1980s by Juliu Horvath. As with so many types of movement work, Gyrotonic was invented as a way to heal its founder’s own injuries. As a dancer, Horvath herniated three discs and suffered knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. He tried to rehab himself using Hatha yoga, which he felt injured him further. It was at this point that Horvath invented Gyrotonic intuitively by following what he refers to as “internal movement.” His pain diminished, and he lives a healthy, relatively pain-free life today.


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