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Pilates clothes should form-fitting and comfortable. See below for local sporting goods stores and other retailers in Ann Arbor that give access to Pilates clothes, Pilates pants, Pilates equipment, Pilates accessories, Pilates mats, Pilates videos, and Pilates books as well as advice and content on Pilates.

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Such A Find Llc
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Light Wraps Vintage Jeans
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NewWave Pilates Apparel Designs for Men and Women

On him: Pilates Tech Pant and Long Sleeve Crew Neck. On ladies: Classic Tank and NewWave Pant with Pockets.

Men who’ve worried about finding appropriate Pilates wear, fret no longer. There’s a new clothing maker out there with your needs in mind. NewWave Pilates Apparel is taking aim at the virtually untapped Pilates menswear market with a combination of high-tech, green fabrics and design specifically configured for Pilates movement. NewWave also has a full line of women’s clothing, too.

BASI Pilates™ founder Rael Isacowitz and Audrey McCann, owner of apparel line Pilates by Bonnie , teamed up to launch NewWave last year. The inspiration for the menswear comes straight from Isacowitz’s own personal experience. Though he’s had a decades-long Pilates career, he never quite found clothing that fit the right formula.

“Over the years it has been difficult for me to find appropriate clothing for Pilates, both to teach and practice. It was either dance clothing, athletic clothing, yoga clothing, martial arts clothing…none felt right,” he says.

McCann concurred, pointing out that most men’s active wear is either extremely loose, like basketball clothing, or extremely tight, like cycling wear.

Men’s Short Sleeve Compression Workout Shirt

Under Isacowitz’s direction, NewWave’s clothes are designed to hit that not-tight, not-loose sweet spot and “stay with the body” as it ...

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Erika Bloom Launches Organic Pilates Clothing Line

Erika Bloom Organic Long Sleeve TeeErika Bloom Organic Long Sleeve Tee

By Lauren Charlip

Tired of spending your waking hours in workout-wear fabrics that don’t breathe, in colors are that are just a little too…colorful? Manhattan Pilates studio owner Erika Bloom launched a new line of Pilates apparel in April, designed so that you don’t have to. It features camis, tees, tanks and pants in simple cuts and muted colors, with a trace of ballerina elegance—all made from organic cotton. Indeed it is one of the most subtle-looking fitness clothing lines we’ve seen. She’s finding that her formula for versatile, low-key Pilates-wear is a winner.

“What we really wanted to do was have basics that are super-flattering that people can wear while doing Pilates that are also super-flattering on the street,” Bloom says. “I wear fitness clothes all day long. At a certain point you get tired of wearing the same thing over and over. Now I can greet my clients that come in off of Madison Avenue in their couture clothing, and I can still feel good.”

Fortunately, the Pilates client does not have the “high-tech” workout-wear performance needs like a biker or runner does. “For Pilates, you really want something form-fitting that you can move in, but you don’t need something super-athletic to whisk away sweat,” Bloom says. All of the pieces are simple, with no loose pieces or strings that can get caught in any of the machines or get in the way.

Erika Bloom Seamless CamiErika Bloom Seamless CamiFor the street, the different pieces are great for layering with other clothing. The line’s gauzy organic tees are long, so that your tush is covered if you’re wearing leggings. And if coverage is not your desire, they also look great scrunched up above the hips. The seamless cami is a sexy, strappy top that could be worn straight out to dinner with some jewelry to jazz it up.

The colors are what Bloom describes as “variations of neutral without being black and white…I’m a little bit of a typical New Yorker—I wear a lot of black and white. I chose colors where people like me still feel comfortable. I’m not a bright color type of person.”

Erika Bloom Organic Tank and Roll Over PantErika Bloom Organic Tank and Roll Over PantOne of the trickiest parts of developing the line was finding the right organic fabrics, said Bloom. Regular organic cotton was often too rough, she found, or too fragile—one wash and it woul...

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