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Peoria Bally Total Fitness
5720 W Peoria Ave
Glendale, AZ
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Bilingual staff, Cardio Equipment, Child Center, Group Exercise Studio, Parking, Personal Training, Pilates, Pool, Reaction Cycling, Sauna, Steam Room, Whirl Pool, Yoga

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Core Dynamics Pilates
(602) 617-9810
20206 N. 32nd Place
Phoenix, AZ
Moving Breath Pilates
(480) 221-6465
10438 E. Helm Drive
Scottsdale, AZ
Moving Breath Pilates
(480) 731-3101
1801 S. Jentilly Lane Ste. C-20
Tempe, AZ
Fusion Fitness
(480) 394-0440
2525 S. Rural Rd. Ste. 6N
Tempe, AZ
Mesa Snap Fitness
(480) 755-7627
2025 S Alma School Road
Mesa, AZ
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Circuit Training, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Personal Training, Pilates, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Towel Service, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Self + Rhythm In Motion
(480) 614-5241
9709 E. Mountain View Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
Pilates Place
(480) 236-9684
25031 N. Palomino Trail
Scottsdale, AZ
Moving Breath Pilates Studio
(480) 777-9798
2009 E. Alameda
Tempe, AZ
Core Dynamics Pilates
(480) 239-7381
5332 E. Baseline Rd. #2014
Mesa, AZ
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Menopause: How Pilates Can Help

Pilates Exercise for Menopausal Women By Carolyne Anthony

As Pilates instructors, we are seeing many more middle-aged women in our classes, and they are an energetic, dynamic group to say the least. Women today are much more active, informed and focused on their health and fitness than they were several decades ago. Many have been exercising for years and are not about to stop now that they are reaching their menopausal years.

The onset of menopause does, however, bring several changes to women’s lives, and from what I’ve found, they appreciate all the help they can get with navigating through it. It is interesting to look at some of the symptoms of menopause and how exercise can help alleviate some of them. It is even more interesting to look at the ways in which Pilates can help many of these symptoms.

So just what is menopause?
A three-ring circus at best.

Perimenopause describes the time when a woman’s menstrual cycles begin to stop; menopause is reached when there has not been a cycle for 12 consecutive months. It’s a time of upheaval in the body. Hormones are running rampant, your body is changing, and life seems strange. Sounds like adolescence, doesn’t it? If you are already teaching this group, you know that they are some of the liveliest and funniest people around. A sense of humor is a requirement during this time.

Pilates is a mind-body experience just like menopause is, and we can use the philosophy of Pilates to help women through it. Menopause can be a truly amazing time if they are given the tools necessary to cope with its trials and tribulations. Pilates is a wonderful aid in accomplishing these goals. Keeping a positive attitude and sense of humor is important too. Feeling good about yourself and your body is essential.

Menopause and the Mind
Women tend to experience mood swings, depression, irritability and sleep disturbances, among several other symptoms, during menopause. Moderate-intensity exercise is known to help manage these symptoms , and simple exercises like breathing and stretching are also great stress blasters. Deep abdominal breathing not only calms and focuses the mind, it helps tone and strengthen abdominal muscles. Sometimes fatigue can be a problem for this group; if so, a session of breathing and stretching along with some simple exercises may help calm and relax them enough to help promote better sleep. This sort of exercise may be done a few hours before bedtime as it will not boost the metabolism or stimulate the central nervous system as more intense exercise will.

Menopause and the Body

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue and is also responsible for skin strength and elasticity. As we age, the ability to rebuild collagen decreases, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as decreased muscle tone. Exercise has been proven to have the ability to stimulate collagen regeneration in the muscles and bones—a double benefit for menopausal women with the b...

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