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Sugar Hill Snap Fitness
(678) 765-6301
5885 Cumming Hwy., Ste. 401-402
Sugar Hill, GA
Programs & Services
Circuit Training, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Personal Training, Pilates, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Towel Service, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Fitness Forum
(770) 535-2985
1210 Thompson Bridge Road
Gainesville, GA
Extreme You
(770) 531-5528
200 Washington St NW # C
Gainesville, GA
Athena Health Clubs
(770) 533-9112
863 Dawsonville Hwy # 720
Gainesville, GA
Curves Gainesville
125 John W Morrow Jr Dr
Gainesville, GA
Rick's Gem Of Gyms
(770) 534-3648
2480 Limestone Pkwy
Gainesville, GA
Golds Gym Gainesville
(770) 534-3648
2480 Limestone Pkwy.
Gainesville, GA
(800) 615-7352
125 John W Morrow Jr Pkwy Ste. 210
Gainesville, GA

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Uptown Fitness
(770) 534-9496
131 Bradford St N E
Gainesville, GA
Operation Boot Camp
(678) 617-5599
2001 Riverside Dr
Gainesville, GA
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Pilates for Equestrians

photo by Bob GoberBy Elizabeth Hanson 

As Pilates instructors we know that restoring balance, strength and flexibility in the body will help anyone improve in their favorite sport. For equestrians of all disciplines and levels this is particularly true, as riding can be hard on the body. Until recently, riders have not given much credence to cross-training as a way to improve their performance. Fortunately, this is changing and more equestrians are realizing that if they want to get the most out of their ride, they need to spend some time off the horse improving their physical condition.

Having worked with riders for many years, I have found that the best way to get their attention is to learn how to “speak equestrian” in Pilates sessions. They want to know how each exercise will help them with their particular riding issues. If you understand what the imbalances in their bodies cause them to do incorrectly on horseback, you can make their Pilates workouts more effective, and most importantly, give them big incentive to come back. Knowing how to assess pelvic imbalances and spinal conditions and apply correctives, as I do for my equestrian clients, is a great tool for any Pilates instructor.


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