Pilates Instructor Career Greenwich CT

Local resource for Pilates instructor careers in Greenwich, CT. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to Pilates certification, Pilates certification training programs, Pilates instructor jobs as well as information on Pilates studios and content on Pilates.

Katherine Pappas, CPRW
(516) 627-2757
210 Manhasset Ave.
Manhasset, NY
Return To Work Center
(203) 863-3755
55 Holly Hill Ln
Greenwich, CT
Labor International Union Of North America
(203) 661-0722
Local 56 17 Elm E
Greenwich, CT
Utilized Senior Energy Inc
(203) 629-8031
299 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT
Regal Domestics LTD
(203) 869-0044
268 Mason St
Greenwich, CT
MJ Feld, M.S., CPRW
(631) 673-5432
205 E. Main St., Suite 2-4
Huntington, NY
Mary Bolger Personnel
(203) 869-6466
125 Greenwich Ave Ste 4
Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Fire Fighters Local 1042
(203) 622-0667
Havemeyer Pl
Greenwich, CT
Graphics for Hire
(914) 921-3434
PO Box 1468
Greenwich, CT
Alternative Stress Solutions, Inc.
(203) 253-1738
433 Round Hill Rd
Greenwich, CT

Just a Pilates Instructor?

By Kristen Matthews

I made the decision to become a Pilates instructor because I wanted to help people. I fell in love with Pilates the moment I was introduced to it, and felt like I’d found the most ideal job when I made the decision to teach. I never could picture myself sitting behind a desk at a corporate job. With movement-based activities being a big part of my childhood, Pilates seemed to fit perfectly into my life. I truly felt that I had found my calling. What I didn’t expect were the thoughts that surfaced one day of “I’m only just a Pilates instructor.”

After eight years of teaching I found myself wanting more. I kept thinking to myself, “Am I doing enough?” “Am I making a difference?” After 20 sessions with a client who still was not able to set up for footwork, I would wonder, “Am I getting through?” “Are they learning anything from me?”


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