Pilates Mat Bags Brockton MA

Local resource for pilates mat bags in Brockton, MA. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to pilates mat bags, pilates clothing, yoga apparel, exercise clothes, and pilates equipment, as well as advice and content on pilates classes, gym bags, yoga mats, and yoga shoes.

(508) 583-2959
486 Westgate Dr
Brockton, MA
Modell's Sporting Goods
(508) 583-2959
Westgate Mall Plaza - Route 24 &Route 27
Brockton, MA
10:00AM - 7:00PM SUNDAY

Sports Place the at Village Uniform
(508) 584-1170
200 Westgate Dr
Brockton, MA
Ridder Golf Course
(781) 447-6614
390 Oak St
East Bridgewater, MA
Landry's Bicycles
(508) 230-8882
Easton, MA
Diva Fashion
(508) 588-8868
28 Legion Pkwy
Brockton, MA
Olympia Sports
(508) 586-0993
200 Westgate Dr
Brockton, MA
Village Uniform Inc
(508) 584-1170
200 Westgate Dr
Brockton, MA
Pine Oaks Golf Course
(508) 238-2320
68 Prspct
Easton, MA
Sport About South Shore
(508) 279-1957
20 Bedford Park
Bridgewater, MA

The Mat Bag Grows Up

Pilates Mat bag- The Gigi from Mibospi The GigiSome women will pay just about anything for a great bag. At least that’s what the founders of Mibospi , a new line of Pilates and yoga bags, are hoping. Their first collection of four Italian-made styles looks luxurious, but we couldn’t get our hands on a sample so we can’t vouch for the leather suppleness or quality of construction. What we do know is that the bowling-style bags are available in leather or canvas and come with a canvas- and leather-trimmed mat cover (mat not included) that fastens to the bag with unassuming leather straps.

Mibospi—a mash-up of “mind, body, spirit”—was founded by yoga teacher Jennifer De Podesta Castioni to “satisfy the need for ‘fashionable wellness.’” Indeed, these bags are about as far from the hippy-esque hemp mat bags as you can get, and they look roomy enough to use for a weekend getaway or carry-on luggage.

Sounds great, right? Yes, if you have a thousand bucks sitting around waiting for the mat bag of your dreams—retail prices range from $670 to $1,120. The collection also includes a traditional tubular bag ($410) a leather sling ($160) and a cashmere and wool meditation blanket ($665). Wholesale pricing is also available.
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