Pilates Note Cards Dubuque IA

Local resource for pilates note cards in Dubuque, IA. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to pilates note cards, yoga greeting cards, and gifts for pilates lovers, as well as advice and content on gifts for fitness enthusiasts, stationery, and writing supplies.

Coach House
(563) 556-3466
555 John F Kennedy Rd
Dubuque, IA
Sues Hallmark Shop
(563) 556-1956
555 John F Kennedy Rd # 440
Dubuque, IA
Hohneckers Gifts
(563) 583-9704
2200 John F Kennedy Rd
Dubuque, IA
Valley Of The Kings
(563) 588-6200
555 John F Kennedy Rd # 660
Dubuque, IA
Ps I Love You
(563) 556-1308
4855 Asbury Rd # 1
Dubuque, IA
Spencer Gifts
(563) 556-4094
555 John F Kennedy Rd
Dubuque, IA
Things Remembered
(563) 556-3693
555 John F Kennedy Rd # 872
Dubuque, IA
Indian Weavings
(563) 690-0063
555 John F Kennedy Rd # 250
Dubuque, IA
7 Bluffs Landscaping & Nursery
(563) 588-2334
11390 North Cascade Rd
Dubuque, IA
River Lights Bookstore
(563) 556-4391
806 Wacker Dr # 126
Dubuque, IA

Give Thanks with Pilates Note Cards

Pilates Note CardsHave you ever sent a personal note to a client, maybe thanking them for signing on for a schedule of privates, or as an “anniversary” note of gratitude? Or maybe a client has disappeared for a while and you’d like to let her know that she’s welcome back anytime. A quick, handwritten note is a great way to give special clients the personal touch that will make them feel appreciated and keep them engaged with your business.

Pilates clothing company WE Pilates recently launched an adorable new line of Pilates- and yoga-themed note cards which are perfect to add to your stationary stash. Our favorite of the five designs is shown here. (There’s also a Spine Stretch and Teaser, among others, and the paper stock is nice and thick.) Each design can be ordered in a blonde or brunette version and comes in packs of 10 for $17. WE Pilates will also customize orders with your name and a different hair color, hair length or ethnicity on orders over 50.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pilates Clients


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