Pilates Teacher Training Seattle WA

Local resource for Pilates teacher training in Seattle, WA. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to Pilates training, Pilates certification training, Pilates studios, as well as information on Pilates teacher training, and content on Pilates.

Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching
(206) 783-1838
P.O. Box 17229
Seattle, WA
Targeted Genetics Corp.
(206) 623-7612
1100 Olive Way
Seattle, WA
Puget Sound Pilots
(206) 518-5454
101 Stewart St.,
Seattle, WA
Antioch University Seattle
(206) 268-4125
2326 Sixth Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 484-1848
2014 E. Jefferson St
Seattle, WA
WSU West
(206) 448-1330
520 Pike St.,
Seattle, WA
University Of Redmond
(206) 426-6376
1700 Seventh Avenue
Seattle, WA
ITT Technical Institute
(206) 244-3300
12720 Gateway Dr.,
Seattle, WA
Seattle Central Community College
(206) 587-4133
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA
The Art Institute of Seattle
(206) 448-0900
2323 Elliott Ave.
Seattle, WA

The Next Level of Pilates Instruction

What should you do when you feel like your Pilates teaching has hit a plateau? According to many master instructors, going “back-to-school” may be the solution.

As third- and fourth-generation Pilates teachers progress in their careers, many are seeking specialized instruction to help elevate their understanding of the method and its applications. Training programs are answering the demand, with instructors like Tom McCook of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA, offering Continuing Education Courses with the experienced instructor in mind. “The goal of these workshops is to support teachers in developing the art of teaching and cultivating personal balance which allows you have a successful life,” says McCook, who plans to launch an intensive advanced teacher training program in late 2007. “It’s also about cultivating a community of teachers to share and develop with.”  

The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, is also making strides in advanced teaching instruction. The center, which is run under the direction of Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers, is the first to offer a Master’s program in Pilates education. Open to experienced instructors, this 96-hour seminar series is designed to impart instructors with a more specialized knowledge, teaching them to better identify and correct imbalances, work with clients with special needs and create more effective programming.

Amy Taylor Alpers answered our question...

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