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Carbon Tech
(916) 641-8088
PO Box 2776
Muncie, IN
Mc Sporting Goods
(765) 288-4514
940 E Princeton Ave
Muncie, IN
(765) 288-1880
3907 E Jackson St Trlr B
Muncie, IN
Champion Awards & Trophies
(765) 286-0926
1020 S Tillotson Ave
Muncie, IN
Gladney Bait & Tackle
(765) 649-9025
1117 Alexandria Pike
Anderson, IN
Crestview Golf Course
(765) 289-6952
3325 S Walnut St
Muncie, IN
Sport Zone
(765) 282-9663
3620 N Broadway Ave
Muncie, IN
Leaird'S Underwater Service
(765) 288-8144
1623 W Jackson St
Muncie, IN
Dunham'S Sport
(765) 286-4386
3900 W Bethel Ave
Muncie, IN
Dunham's Sporting Goods
(765) 649-7136
1716 S Scatterfield Rd
Anderson, IN

Pilates Prop Review: The Triadball and Triadball Manual

Triadball from ZenirgyBy Nicole Rogers

Many studios use small balls for myriad reasons. So when I first saw a coworker using the TRIADBALL™ , I thought, “Oh, what a nice sturdy ball!” I had no idea how much I would come to love this little purple ball specifically. And now, its creators—Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt, Pilates teachers who were trainers for Romana Kryzanowska for over a decade—have released a new 180-page Triadball Manual to help trainers incorporate it into their sessions.

I am very selective about the props I use, and in general use them as little as possible. Being practical though, many clients have neck tension, injuries, osteoporosis, etc., and the Triadball is extremely helpful for those who might need a little extra support in certain positions. The wonderful part is that it is also an excellent tool for challenging the more advanced client. Criss-cross with the Triadball was the first exercise that got my strongest client, a young field hockey player, to show any visible physical signs of effort. Now I use the Triadball with her all the time. The second she sees it she smiles and takes a deep breath.

The Triadball is manufactured with non-toxic hypoallergenic vinyl and is latex-free. In addition, it is made of burst-resistant material, and during the manufacturing process a hint of vanilla extract is added, so there is no chemical smell. Hallelujah! It’s also surprisingly easy to inflate properly—it takes all of 5 seconds, no pump required.

While I had used the ball at work, I just recently received the new manual, which is precise, simple and thorough. There are over 250 exercises with variations, detailed with instructions and black-and-white photos. Though all kinds of fitness professionals use the Triadball, it was created with Pilates in mind, and knowledge of Pilates is necessary to fully understand how to instruct using this manual cover to cover. For a Pilates instructor, the manual is extremely clear...

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