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Gamestop - Mall
(352) 332-8895
W 6419 Newberry Rd
Gainesville, FL
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Game Stop
(352) 373-9440
3548 Sw Archer Rd
Gainesville, FL
Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

Gainesville Regional Utilities
(352) 334-3434
301 Se 4th Ave
Gainesville, FL
Electronics Plus
(352) 371-3223
3401 Sw 40th Blvd Ste 139
Gainesville, FL
Aarons Sales & Lease Ownership
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1121 N Main St
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Game Stop
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2631 Nw 13Th St.
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Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

Discount HI Fi
(352) 375-8363
722 S Main St
Gainesville, FL
Pure Pressure Audio
(352) 367-8038
2824 Ne 21st Way
Gainesville, FL
(352) 337-0966
1931 N Main St
Gainesville, FL
AA Advanced Electronics Service
(352) 374-7002
2803 Nw 6th St
Gainesville, FL

Daisy Fuentes Teaches Pilates

By Alycea Ungaro

Yes, it’s true; the Pilates technology you’ve been waiting for is about to be released. Pilates has come to the Wii , merging fitness and fun in the newest incarnation of mass-market health and wellness. Your teacher is none other than the delightful and engaging Daisy Fuentes.

Wait, what? Daisy Fuentes? Uh, ok. Why?

I knew Daisy Fuentes did Pilates but when did she become a teacher? Common sense dictates that she must have expanded her credentials and become a trained Pilates instructor. I mean the corporate bigwigs at Sega wouldn’t have dared to allow her to instruct what will be roughly, oh, I don’t know…millions of people for fear of injury. Hmmm…maybe not.

I’m thinking Daisy did not enroll in a certification course and log in hundreds of practice hours so that she could teach you the perfect form and proper execution of the Pilates method. I’m guessing she didn’t hit the books hard to learn human anatomy or the basics of exercise physiology either. [You can see snipets from the Wii Pilates program here.]

To be clear, I’m not really picking on Daisy here. I’m sure she’ll make do just fine. Maybe as good as Jane Fonda even, or the myriad other celebrities that suddenly become fitness experts overnight. Personally, I just like to believe that my teachers are really teachers and that the experts I let into my life are really experts. So far as I can tell, Daisy’s claim to fame here is…her fame.

Think for a moment about the people you learned the most from in your life. Your first grade teacher: not famous, I’m sure. A coach or dance teacher: similarly off the radar by media standards. A professor somewhere along the way? These people were educators. Trained not only in their discipline but also in the discipline of teaching. Teaching is a craft. A skill set not easily learned and one that is very difficult to master.

Legend has it that Joe Pilates was not a very good teacher. He was a remarkable inventor, an unparalleled innovator but none to impressive with his communication skills. By contrast, his wife Clara is touted as the real teacher at the original Pilates studio. Her gentle touch and soothing voice are recalled even today by her devoted students.

I’m happy that Pilates has come this far and that people worldwide will have the benefit of Pilates in their homes. It’s thrilling to see the growth of this metho...

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