Pilates for Skiers Lowell MA

Local resource for Pilates for skiers in Lowell, MA. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to skiing training, skiing fitness training, Pilates equipment as well as information on Pilates training and content on skiing.

(978) 454-6800
Cross Point Towers
Lowell, MA
Mill City Fitness
(978) 459-3900
55 Church Street
Lowell, MA
Lowell Lock Monsters
(978) 458-7825
300 Arcand Dr
Lowell, MA
Therafit Plus Inc
(978) 453-2988
176 Walker St
Lowell, MA
Mt Pleasant Golf Club Parking Garage
(978) 458-7300
141 Staples St
Lowell, MA
Walkers Gymnastics and Dance Inc
(978) 459-4954
312 Plain St
Lowell, MA
Mt Pleasant Golf Club
(978) 452-8228
99 Staples St
Lowell, MA
Curves For Women
(978) 441-1919
1275 Pawtucket Blvd
Lowell, MA
Fitcorp Fitness Center
(978) 454-6800
900 Chelmsford St
Lowell, MA
Career Life Fitness Center
(978) 454-3571
10 Appleton St
Lowell, MA

Pilates for Skiers

By Lauri Stricker

The exhilaration of soaring down a mountainside over a blanket of sparkling white snow, surrounded by pristine evergreens and an endless blue sky inspires millions of people to ski every year. It’s no small reward for countless hours spent in the car, in lift lines, and on bristling cold lift rides to the top of the mountain.

In the Colorado Rockies, where I live, I have cross-trained skiers with Pilates from October to March for the past seven years. My sessions often start with snow reports, gear reviews, and tales of anticipated heli trips and back-country hut adventures. I’ve worked with all kinds of skiers, from strictly downhill resort skiers to purist tele-skiers (who make use of a style of cross country ski that leaves the heel free). Whether they prefer groomers, moguls, or powder, they all want to be in top form for skiing. Many of my skiing clients can only make time for Pilates workouts midweek because of their weekend skiing excursions. They might range in age, fitness level or ski preference, but they train with me religiously every winter for the same reasons: to get strong, stay injury free, and enjoy winter fun in the mountains. A client with a goal is a motivated client, and skiers are both. Pilates is an excellent way to keep skiers fit and coming back to your studio season after season.

Pilates and Fall Line Fitness
If you made a snow ball and let it roll down the side of a mountain, the path it rolls down ...

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